Treat me, Lord!

Treat me, Lord–
moment by moment–
to this gift of
making itself
May I be satisfied with
nothing less
in this life
than finding my
every hope
in You.

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Is Not Faithful His Name?

Oh, God, how faithful You’ve been to me!
That these words should be the theme,
the expression of my heart,
is more than I know how to take in.
In everything, there is You.
And in You my heart dwells secure.
I am helped all my days because there is
not a moment in which you have ever become acquainted
with failure, except when it was mine–
and even that you made a success.
I have been swallowed by Your grace;
assimilate me entirely into The essence of Your glory.
I want everything of You.

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The Confounding of Grace

Oh, God, I cannot go on.
My legs tremble beneath me
and my feet straggle into lanes
foreign to Your footprints.
My arms ache to held by You
but as I wait,
my fingertips flagrantly inspect
the pleasures
of entreating idols.
No part of me is fully Yours,
dedicated to what You want
and wishing death to all else.
I cannot be that way–
I want too many unholy things.
Make me clean, Father;
triumph in my weakness
and let my flesh not win the day.
Show me the abundance of Life’s claims upon me
that I may only say of me:
“Have you ever been so confounded by
the grace given one by God?”

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“What shall I tell you of Me?”

You don’t know My love, do you?

I am the Passionate One, if ever such could be said of anyone.

I am the One who gave you your life and breath;

and chose to pour Myself into you–

because I wanted fellowship, because

I wanted you to be more than My creation,

more than the product of My hands, but the sharer of My heart.

You can have no idea of the greatness of the dreams I have had for you,

so many of them you have yet to see, to know from deep inside.

But you will, one day, My child.

It could not be possible for Me to dream about you

and then there be no hints of it around you, in you.

No, I do not often make My plans plain,

but I do whisper rumors in the wind

and pepper the people around you with examples of My power and pleasure.

There is for you to reach out, to accept in faith that Life is more

than what can be contained within the body or measured by the mind;

I am an untamable force with personality that yours mirrors only as a

flickering candle does that of the sun:

Both exhibit light–

though one has the identity of light, the Other is the source of light

(which is never capable of being fully searched out).

You and I are together in grace,

but this grace does not make us equals in order to bond us to one another.

You are Mine and I am yours, but this is according to My choice

and humble willingness to descend into your realm that I may be known by you

and in some ways comprehended.

Yet, I do not follow a prescribed order;

I do not fit securely into the confines of your mind;

your heart is not the womb in which I was conceived.

My beginnings you cannot search out or ponder.

There are things about Me too great for you to consider,

so that I do not even alert you to there existence.

Rather, I give you what knowledge of Me that might help you

draw near to Me and give Me all that I desire of you–

Namely, Love.

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How could I choose to go without?

What do I have to hold back from You?

How can a tear

slipping down

my face

dictate whether I will let You

take me

and do with me

everything You wish?

How can my heart’s


for answers

that You won’t give

lead me to leave

Your sweet embrace?

I cannot let myself do these things,

but only You, Lord,

can prevent me from

living out these passions

of my flesh–

only Your Spirit constraining me with grace.

So, let my whole life be grace–

my every day a Psalm

that sings forth Your care;

my every thought and work

a testimony of what God

can do when He lives on one’s inside!

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Is Your Loss A Possibility?

For a moment

I thought I lost You–

my heart felt my weakness

and I assumed that

because I could not keep You

close by my own might,

that the fate of our relationship

must be now undone.

But there you were,

laughing at my fears:

Child, have you forgotten

the story that I died

for you to live?

Love became a man,

and through His death

took hold of you

and made you whole.

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Lord, I want to be a success

Lord, I want to be a success,

but I don’t want to be any part

of such without You.

You are my Rock and

constant stay; nothing is

sweet without You!

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God, thank You that You care

God, thank You that You care

for me unabashedly

and with such consideration for my need.

I faint in trusting You,

but You

do not faint in being trustworthy.

My personal defenses have been

assaulted, Lord!

I have nothing

left but the defenses You provide.

I don’t know how to walk on in my grief,

so I will be pleased to plead

my case to You–

for I know You hear.

And I will not hold back my tears, forgetting

that You alone are my strength and

not myself.

I will surrender all to You. And then I shall

find Peace.

I shall find You nearer than ever.

I shall find You my abundant portion.

My pleasure must be fixed on You

so that I may be patient in the quiet

haunting of the unknown.

I will trust Your promises

both from Your Word and from

Your intimate communication with me.

I will not back down from

what I’ve heard and understood;

I just pray I’ll know that You

shall not either.

May I not look at circumstances,

but at Christ.

May my conscience conflict

with worry and charge my heart

to trust Your control.

I need more than my own weakness,

I need the wonder of worship

in these days.

I fear I’ll be forsaken and

I need to see Your grace.

Please, show me Your face!

Nothing else shall support me,

but Your perfect will;

make Your Word my comfort,

and the joy of knowing You my strength.

RuneScape Wiki: Wonder is a music track that unlocks in low-level Wilderness, just north of Goblin Village.

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I’ve moved into new territory with You, Lord

It seems I’ve moved into new territory with You, Lord.

Things I used to wrestle with You over, have lost their steam.

I’m still, I’m sure. I’m stronger than I was before.

I’m steeped with truth so deep I can’t be swayed

by the same old lies.

I used to constantly wonder where You were;

Now I know You’re right here.

The thought that You never leave,

means something to me now–

it communicates life to me like nothing else.

It is my medicine, my insurance and my relief.

You are always there.

That’s a promise.

That’s a gift.

That’s a wealth like no other.

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A You-filled Life

I can’t predict how things are going to work out here,

but I know that You are going to work them out.

You are in this–that I know for sure!

That is more important to me

than assurances of ease or predictability.

After all, I didn’t ask for these things.

I asked for just the opposite–

if it would make me trust in and glorify You more;

if at the end I would have a greater boast in You

than I should have otherwise had.

No, I did not ask You for a pain-free life;

I asked You for a You-filled life–

that’s all I want.

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